The current brand stores, clothing stores, etc. are based on a stainless steel shelf to placement of Double faced stand, mostly metals display the widest place these shops. For just starting shop, the shop fitting a large proportion of the expenses, such as stainless steel clothing display, stainless steel products and other essential goods display stand on the need for cost control. Factors that influence the price of stainless steel display stand in the end is that it? 1. stainless steel. The most common stainless steel display stand. Of course, this figure layman does not understand what that means, quite simply, to check the information under it. We talk about the price: based on material properties, the shelf price is higher than 304 201. Therefore, in order to control costs, then the display stand made of stainless steel, when you want to be clear on the material. 2. The display material thickness. The thicker the more expensive, general hollow tube stand 0.6mm-1.2mm. It may also be made of solid, but the price may be very high. 3. The process must not be ignored. If you want solid, but the shelf to cut hook or perforation whatever, it is very troublesome, solid stainless steel material to a large thickness can not be hand-cut, you need to machine processing, large, then the cost is very expensive. It is necessary to consider the set of styles, whether a requirement. Products made of stainless steel is trading the real deal. Holding the right price Kandao this idea is completely unrealistic.